Teaching strategies and its influence on students’ English writing skills at Secondary School Certificate

Qudsia fatima


Teaching strategies perform a great role in students’ learning at every level of education. This paper presents achievement in English writing skills and the practices of teaching used by teachers. Sequential explanatory design was chosen for this study. Sample was selected from private schools of Lahore city offering SSC. Four private schools were selected through simple random sampling technique. In each school one section of SSC was selected as sample. Students and teachers of the selected classes were included in sample. Research instruments comprised of  test and interview protocol. Essay type test was developed and administered to measure the English writing skills of students. Test was developed by using intended learning outcomes of curriculum of English language. Criteria for developing rubrics for scoring of test was based on the student learning outcomes from curriculum of SSC. Interviews were conducted to explore the teaching strategies for developing writing skills. Findings revealed that teachers of SSC mostly use lecture questioning, feedback, self-review and pair work for developing writing skills. They rely on textbook as an important resource. They do not give emphasis on student centered methods for teaching writing because it takes much time.

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