The Moderating Role of Gender in the Relationship among Organizational Justice, Commitment, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors of Secondary School Teacher

Riffatun Nisa Awan, Ghazanfar Ali, Sobia Anjum


This study intends to search the structural relations among organizational
justice, job satisfaction, supervisor support, organizational commitment,
and organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs) of a sample of 500
secondary school teachers (SSTs) of district Sargodha using a survey
research design. The analyses revealed that all demographic variables
had insignificant effects on most of the organizational citizenship
behaviors of SSTs while only gender had significant effects as a
moderator variable. Regression analysis revealed affective commitment
and operational justice were significantly correlated to all dimensions of
citizenship behaviors, whereas only sportsmanship behavior of teachers
was related to normative commitment and interactional justice. Teachers’
compliance behavior and civic virtue were correlated with continuance
commitment. Gender turned out to be a significant moderator between
the relationships of the pairs of variables such as; continuance
commitment and civic virtue, affective commitment and compliance,
interactional justice and helping, operational justice and civic virtue, job
satisfaction and sportsmanship, continuance commitment and

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