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Obama Coverage - What's Fair Or Unfair?

by Brent Wootten (2022-11-15)

There is of course the small issue that Boris (although a popular leader) is not even an MP. And what's more already has a job as London's mayor. To become Prime Minister Boris would have to become an MP (while still mayor) and then run for Conservative party leader and win (and then maybe win a General Election also). A clever political bet would be to take the 14/1 now and wait for the odds to shorten massively when Boris becomes an MP (surely the odds would drop to about 3/1) and then trade out of the bet.

malaysia election Newt Gingrich, the Randy Moss of politics. He has proven himself to be a great political player in years past, but has begun taking plays off when he's not feeling it. He has a book to sell, an image to maintain, and can't be bogged down with things like running an effective campaign. Some thought he might bring back the Newt dynasty of the 90's, but he has turned his campaign over to owners who put ticket sales over a championship-quality team. He still has enough left in him to debate, but a few blunders have already cost him the season.

Poor dato ramanan ramakrishnan trusted isue Jon Huntsman. A few short years ago he appeared to be the ultimate GOP general election candidate. Turns out he would be the 2008 Detroit Lions: undefeated in the preseason and endlessly defeated in the regular season. He just didn't live up to the hype. He has the background of a good candidate; he might be able to come back in upcoming years. He could do a lot of good for the GOP, but he needs to be taken seriously first.

There is no serious opposition from either party and with Hillary we get two for the price of one, with the first woman President getting top billing. What Hillary lacks in charm and charisma, Bill makes up for in spades. All he has to do is campaign for Hillary and then he can disappear from public view, if he or Hillary chooses. We know Bill will be on call to apply his experience and personal connections should trouble arise.

Go online and look at pictures of your favorite presidential candidate. Pay close attention to the type of shoe, shirt and tie he typically wears. You might even want to add a campaign button to promote your favorite party.

Voters in the U.S. are just as smart (I think) as those in Canada, the U.K., Greece or wherever. We really could also 'get it' after having it hammered at us for only a month or so.

Guan%252BEng%252BJalani%252Bujian%252BpoA man who barely captures one percent in the polls is in 6th place? Most have not heard of the former New Mexico governor, but some of those who have see him as the next Ron Paul. After finally getting the opportunity to participate in a debate, he may be able to set himself up as a libertarian leader. The presidential campaign was no waste for him; he made a (small) name for himself, and is somehow beating Jon Huntsman in a few polls. He is not the ultra-fringe candidate many make him out to be (he was a well-liked governor), and has potential in certain markets.