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Video Brochures

by Michel Washington (2019-12-17)

VideoCard technology is the fusing together of one dimensional printed brochures and digital media technology. 

Video brochures are an engaging and exciting medium to promote a product or service, it is an opulent source of information delivery and powerful addition to the marketing and promotional mix which no other marketing material can provide. 

The Video brochure is a unique printed brochure with an integrated high-resolution micro-thin video screen built-in. It includes flash memory to store videos you choose, a speaker to hear the audio with adjustable volume buttons and a rechargeable battery so you can use it again and again. 

From Facebook and online ads to YouTube and digital video, businesses have long had to compete with the waning attention spans of their audience in the marketing arena. However, a newer technology offered by Structural Graphics and its online division, Red Paper Plane, might’ve just found that sweet spot.

Video in Print combines the detail of print with the emotional reach of video creating a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience for prospects looking to forge a connection with your brand, service or product.

But, just because your print piece has a video, it doesn’t mean that it will guarantee its success. Design, message, packaging and production values contribute to the overall experience your customer or prospect has about your business. Here at Structural Graphics, we craft our Video in Print brochures by way of a high-tech, high-touch production process, allowing you to press proof your piece before shipping from one of our North American facilities.

Considering adding a Video in Print brochure to your marketing campaign? Below we’ve compiled a few suggestions to get you started.