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Creating Beautiful Outdoor Classic Doorways, Vintage Architecture and Spots

by Tawnya Blankinship (2021-12-18)

vendor-pernikahan.jpgCreating expansive outdoor living spaces beyond the pool inside your country farmhouse acreage is being in a dynamic conversation with nature's beauty and artistic elements. Older pool decks were smaller and enclosed and kept you from absorbing nature's energies. The newer back to normal is just like outdoors as an extension of your home. Establishing larger spaces for outdoor dining, a fire pit, and using antique architectural elements that brings in new energy and connectivity to the open spaces.
The triple arched veranda architectural archway is the focal point of this normally patio where the family has a state of the art outdoor kitchen. The arched façade vintage barn doors open from inside the house for the outdoor patio. The patio sofa and chairs are made from reclaimed woods and the carved ornate details makes it stand out from the regular outdoor furniture. An old Tibetan mortar serves as the herbal storage for freshly farmed oregano, thyme and basil. The antique oxcart bench reminds you of the overall game of Thrones, so eclectic and exceptional. The stairs have beautiful teak carved railings salvaged from an estate in Jaipur, leading to your garden, where you are embraced by a set of majestic black granite elephants, their trunks up and welcoming you in an extravagant statement.
The patio leads to the gravel dining room that is framed with old painted tiles in vivid blues which are also scattered around inside the veranda. The feel is vintage rustic with an eclectic touch. The granite Buddha sits under the pergola, serene and calm in the earth touch mudra, the gray stone tones are natural and beautiful. His eyes closed in meditation, the calmness and divinity of his energy embraces the full house. The natural foliage and flowering bushes play their song as nature sings its lullaby. Eating freshly cooked food in this atmosphere is so holistic and nurturing. The relatives and buddies celebration for Thanksgiving every year and enjoy the gardens within their fullest bloom.
The fire pit is a must as winters are cold, the rugged natural stone design was created keeping in mind that flames is purifying and in ancient times was in fact a ritual of clearing energies. A sitting area around it was added as were statuary and the marble ram head planters were used for the beautiful plants that have inhabited the farmhouse for several years. The pool was moved beyond the fire pit lounge area and a hot tub was added for relaxing. An old-fashioned Indian door serves as a garden door resulting in the pool spot. Rustic old teakwood doors with vines growing around them are excellent as they are hardy and patina beautifully in the outdoors.
The oversized gates were customized from old Haveli gates from India and are magnificently studded with iron and brass elements. They served as entrance gates to an old Indian mansion and have aged beautifully and so are hand carved in beautiful ornate detail. Conscious usage of antique architectural pieces and vintage woods creates beautiful outdoor spaces which might be in harmony with nature.