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Excellent Company and a great shirt

by Erna Fitzhardinge (2021-11-25)

Didn't expect to like these shirts too much, girls soccer jersey but I love them. I'm 6'5", 195 lbs, and the large fits me perfectly. The shoulders don't have a seam (and that initially gave me a headache since I didn't know front from back), but I found a little tag on the inside of the left-side seam, and all my problems went away. These are nice t-shirts, and when you consider the cost, they are great t-shirts. Recommend them for you if you like very lightweight shirts with a full body affect.
So, let me tell you about my experience with this company. First, I ordered these back in early May. They were delivered in normal time but when I received them, they were way too small. I wear a 2XL and all the other shirts I buy fit perfectly.

tiger-resting-on-forest-floor.jpg?width=So, I threw them in the back of closet and didn’t return them. I don’t typically write reviews or return things. I bought them and it was my fault.

Two months go by and I get an email from the seller asking me how I liked the shirts. I emailed back and said I didn’t like them and never wore them because they were too small. They admitted in the early stages of production that the sizing was way off, they were accountable. Long story short, they sent me 3XL’s and they fit perfect.Nice shirts. Comfortable roomy. Perfect for spring summer. abreezy material. make a great undershirt. No need to be concerned about sweat the shirts exhales heat. also a sporty casual or workout gear
I was very impressed with how the company handled my situation, they took responsibility, and made things right. You don’t see that very often anymore.