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HairFortin - The importance of cleansing the lymphatic system

by sherly sylvia (2021-02-26)

Your lymphatic system is the part of your immune system that uses white blood cells to clean the residual fluid around your cells. It consists of marrow, lymph nodes, lymphatic fluid and vessels, the spleen, and the tonsils.
The importance of cleansing the lymphatic system
If the lymphatic system is unable to function properly, the result could be chronic degenerative disease, hormonal imbalance, and suppression of the immune system. There are several methods to cleanse the lymphatic system and keep it working properly. Give your body a breath of fresh air with cleansing the lymphatic system that is vital, but often overlooked.
Do you want to feel healthy? Many doctors recommend cleansing the lymphatic system, an age-old practice used in holistic medicine. When cleansing is mentioned, most people usually think of removing toxins from the liver and intestines, which is certainly very valuable for health. But there is an equally important cleansing, cleansing of the lymphatic system.
Lymphatic system function
Whether you're suffering from aches and pains, inflammation, swelling, or fatty deposits, cleansing the lymphatic system once or twice a year can often be the difference between a healthy life and a life in imbalance.
The lymphatic system is the anatomical structure that transports lymph unidirectionally to the heart, and is part of the circulatory system. In humans, it is made up of lymphatic vessels, nodes, lymphoid or lymphoid organs (spleen and thymus), lymphatic tissues (such as the tonsil, Peyer's patches, and bone marrow), and lymph.
These elements of the lymphatic system work together to carry cellular waste into the bloodstream. The lymphatic system takes care of toxins that enter the body through external sources, such as food or air pollution, but it also deals with internally produced toxins (endotoxins) that are the result of normal metabolic processes in the body.
Learn about the nodes
A study by Elisabeth Dancey, MD, author of The Cellulite Solution (St. Martin's Press, 1997), found that women with cellulite showed deficiencies of the lymphatic system. Another study found that 80 percent of overweight women have slow lymphatic systems, and being able to get this system to work properly is the key to facilitating weight loss and achieving feelings of well-being.
If the lymphatic system is inefficient, it can generate fat deposits or cellulite or cause you to experience aches and pains. On the contrary, if the cleansing capacity of the lymphatic system is improved, it will be able to eliminate toxins that are linked to pain, cellulite, fat deposits and some autoimmune disorders.
A healthy lymphatic system also helps purify the blood through the largest mass of lymphatic tissue in the body, the spleen. The spleen works against infection and destroys worn-out red blood cells in the body.
Improve your diet for a clean Lymphatic System
“Food can help or hinder the flow of lymph in the body.” To cleanse the lymphatic system, avoid “chemical” foods that contain artificial preservatives, flavors, colors and stabilizers - processed and fast foods.
Avoid foods that are difficult to digest, such as fatty foods, excess animal protein, simple sugars, and simple carbohydrates. Sweet and " white " foods, including white rice, white bread, white pasta, and white flour products, require enormous amounts of energy to handle the resulting rapid fluctuations in blood sugar. This energy best serves to cleanse your lymphatic system.
Drink a lot of water. Without enough water, lymphatic fluid cannot flow properly. If you drink inadequate amounts of water per day, the lymphatic system will slow down.
The enzymes and acids in raw fruits are powerful cleansers for the lymphatic system, especially when consumed on an empty stomach. Add more fruits, vegetables, salads, and fresh juices to your diet, and your lymph will have the tools it needs to do some serious deep cleaning.
Flavonoids, malic acid, citric acid and enzymes in cranberries and cranberry juice help emulsify the fat accumulated in the lymphatic system. Make sure to drink unsweetened and sweetener-free cranberry juice (pasteurized or packaged cranberry juice does not have the same benefits).
Dilute the juice to a ratio of approximately 4: 1, from water to cranberry juice. If you prefer a less tart juice, dilute 1 part of unsweetened cranberry juice with 2 parts of apple juice and 2 parts of water. It is recommended that the preparation in any of the cases be free of preservatives and artificial sweeteners.
Eat plenty of green vegetables to provide chlorophyll (the green color of plants) and plenty of vitamins and minerals to aid in lymph cleansing.
Foods rich in essential fatty acids are essential to ensure proper functioning of the lymphatic system. Some of these foods include flax seeds, fresh, raw nuts and seeds like almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, avocado, and cold-pressed oils, like flaxseed, walnut and pumpkin oil. . Make sure to buy fresh and dry foods, which are the ones that contain their properties best.
Measure the degree of lymphatic stress by answering the following questions:
1. Are you overweight?
2. Do you have cellulite or fat deposits?
3. Do you suffer from aches and pains?
4. Have you been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, lupus, or another chronic disease of the immune system?
5. Have you ever yo-yoed dieted? (Yo-yo diets derive their name because those who follow them can lose weight but since they do not learn to eat healthily, they quickly regain the lost weight. After a while they resort to this type of diet again and the cycle continues. The yo-yo goes up. and it goes down, the weight goes up and down.)
6. Do you feel bloated or do you have areas of your body that seem a little " chubby "?
7. Are you prone to lumps and tumors on your body?
8. Are you experiencing bloating?
9. Are you experiencing eye puffiness?
If you have answered "yes" to any of the above questions, it may be recommended to do a lymphatic system cleanse. For generally healthy people, cleaning once or twice a year (about three weeks at a time) is usually adequate. If you are overweight or have an immunodeficiency disorder, you may want to cleanse more frequently or for longer periods, under the supervision of a specialist.
Women who are pregnant or lactating should not perform a node cleaning, nor should people with diabetes or other chronic health problems, except under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.
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