Challenges Primary School Teachers Face in Implementation of Early Childhood Education: Teachers’ Perception

Nabila Shakeel


Early Childhood Education (ECE) comprises of essential programs and
activities that are critical to holistic development, academic success and
future achievements of children. The purpose of this study was to
investigate the challenges faced by the teachers in implementing early
childhood education in primary schools. The descriptive research design
was used. All the primary schools located in Lahore district was the
population of the study. A sample of two hundred ECE teachers was
selected randomly from the population. The sample consisted of one
hundred male and female teachers from rural and urban primary schools.
There was a questionnaire developed for data collection. The findings of
the study revealed that most of the teachers were not completely aware of the early learning development standards. Materials related to ECE
classrooms were not enough for the students. Moreover, primary school
teachers need more training and facilities for the implementation of ECE
in their schools. There was a significant difference between the perception
of the male and female and rural and urban teachers. In light of the
findings, researchers recommended that teachers’ training should be
arranged for awareness of early learning development standards and
pedagogical skills.

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