Mitigating the Challenges of Open and Distance Learning Education System through use of Information Technology: A Case Study of Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad, Pakistan

Syed Imran Haider, Muhammad Ali


The usage of various media methods in distance education shows its historical development path. It is said that AIOU has been using radio and television broadcasts, special textbooks and reading materials for distance education. To assess the level of technology usage and its role in AIOU model, Non-Random, Purposive Sampling, technique was used to choose the sample of 54 respondents. The data was collected on a semi-structured interview schedule. It was found that AIOU tries to align its pace with the emerging challenges through utilization of the technologies in the distance education. However, same time, they do not have desired capacity and ultimately the role of university administration to develop desired and due capacity is not up to the mark. Resultant, teaching staff is not effective and facing issue to contribute efficiently and effectively in the use of technology for distance education at AIOU. Similarly, this research also determined the future perspective of the administrative and teaching staff. So, there is provision and willingness from the concerned staff to bring use of mobile app, video games and virtual class rooms to enhance the scope of distance education and improve the role of AIOU in wider coverage.

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