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Simple way to learn about the operation of Microsoft Office

by emma pacino (2021-08-12)

Microsoft office is the most popular and easiest application for working on a computer. Word processing allows you to quickly change words, save text, and align margins. Microsoft Word is an advanced Word processor. It is part of Microsoft Office Suite and the most widely used word processor. It's useful to create documents, resumes, reports etc. Microsoft Word is an abbreviation for Microsoft Word.

This article explains how to use Microsoft Word. It is necessary to have a basic understanding of the concepts in order to navigate this guide. tap on

1. Use Quick Styles to Get the Job Done

Style is the present formatting of a document. It describes how the document looks, such as its font size, font font and so forth. You can create or modify a style to make your document stand out.

Add a new style to your wardrobe:
Select the text.
Select Styles from the In-Home Tab
Click the drop-down menu.
The Styles menu is now available.
Select a style.
To create a new style
Make a change.
Select the text.
Select Save Selection to Get a Quick Style in the Styles menu.
Name the new style.
The new style is now on sale

2. MS Word is used to write text.

This works well for a quick, general method. You may need to be more specific. If you only need a portion of an image, this is an example.

To insert a picture:
Navigate to the main menu and select Insert.
Click on Picture in the Insert menu.
The new window will now open. Choose the image file.
Click Insert.

To crop or resize a photo:
Double-click on the image.
The new format menu will be available.
Navigate to the Size section in the Format menu.
You can adjust the image's size in the document.

3. Comment on a document

Word lets you add comments to your documents.
Comments are not meant to be in conflict with the main text. They appear in their own section of the document.
Add new comments
Select Review from the main menu.
Place the cursor wherever you want the comment to be placed.
Select New Comment from the Review menu.
A side menu will include a red balloon.
Enter the new comment.

4. Make a Table Of Contents.

A Table of Contents is created when each section of a document has a title with a heading style.
Insert a table of contents

Select References from the main menu.
Select Table of Contents from the References menu.
Click on Table of Contents.
The drop-down menu will be displayed. The drop-down menu will appear.
To insert a Table of contents, click on one of the predefined styles.
Click on "Insert Table Of Contents"
A new window will open.
For Page Numbers, click the options.
Choose the style you want for your tab leaders.
Select the Table of Contents format.
Choose how many levels you wish to display.
Choose which items you want to display.
The document will include a Table of Contents.

5. Compare and merge documents:

Two versions of the same document can be merged or compared. You can compare and merge two versions of documents. MS-Word displays the differences between them, as well as their tracked changes. Multiple reviewers may send their comments and changes in separate documents. You can combine all of their changes into one document and then review their changes. click here

To compare documents:
Select Review from the main menu.
Click on Compare in the Review menu.
Select Compare from the Drop-down menu
A new window will be opened.
In the Compare Documents window
Find the Original document.
Find the Revised document.
To indicate differences, add a label.
To compare, select the elements.
Choose where you want to see the changes.

6. Many times, report or essay writers will be required to include citations or bibliographies in their documents. A citation tells the reader from where the information was taken. A reference provides details about the source and the type of source. The references are listed at end of report. Also Go to this Official Website -

To create a source of citation:
Navigate to the main menu and select References.
Go to Citations & Bibliography in the References menu.
Choose a Citation Style
Click on Insert Citation.
Select "Add New Source" from the drop-down menu.
A new window will open.
Choose the source type.
Complete the fields.
Accept the one that is created by the program.
Click OK.
To insert a Bibliography:
Follow the steps in "To create an citation source"
Select References from the main menu.
Go to Citations & Bibliography in the References menu.
Choose a Citation Style
Click Bibliography.
Select Bibliography from the Drop-down Menu
The bibliography will be included in the document.

7. You can save documents as PDF

PDF is a powerful file format. These steps will help you save documents to PDF.
Click on the Office Button.
A drop-down menu will be displayed.
Click on "Save As".
A side menu will be displayed.
Click here to download PDF
Choose the appropriate location to save the file.
Click on "Save".

We hope the Microsoft Office guidelines will help you use MS Word. If you need more information about Microsoft Office Suite, please contact us