Awarenes of Dyslexia in Public School Teachers of Muzaffarabad

Maliha Nasir


Teachers generally have to deal with students who have various types of problems in learning. These problems may be symptoms of some specific learning disabilities like Dyslexia. This study is designed to explore the understanding of public school teachers regarding Dyslexia and their strategies to deal with learning problems of students. The participants of the study were 20 school teachers. These participants were conveniently selected from 10 public schools in Muzaffarabad city. Information was collected through semi structured interviews. Participants shared their views in a free and friendly environment. The interpretation of their views was verified through member check process. Findings of the study revealed that public school teachers in Muzaffarabad city had minimal information regarding Dyslexia. They did not have proper training of how to deal with learning difficulties and use various strategies which they think appropriate to overcome such problems. The study suggests that teachers need to be trained to deal with learning difficulties. For this purpose specific courses may be offered in pre-service teacher education as well as through in-service refresher courses.

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